CentOS Dojo

Registrations are running via EventBrite. Click Here to Register Now. OpenNebulaConf2015 registration includes a free pass to CentOS Dojo, but you will have to register in the previous link. The CentOS Dojo’s are a one day event, organised around the world, that

16. OpenNebula at the Spanish Public Administration

Open Nebula is part of some projects involving Public Resources at the National and Regional Governments of Spain. We explain the scope of the National Open Source Initiative for improve the use of Open Source Technologies at Public Administration and Open Nebula

15. Cloud Service experience in TeideHPC infrastructure

TeideHPC is a High Performance Computing infrastructure, used for research and development tasks in a variety of areas like weather forecasting, astrophysics, CFD or bioinformatics. We are also involved in other fields of study, less related with R&D such as render or

13. COMFY – Cloud Image Factory for OpenNebula

We will introduce an automated base image building system deployed in production at CESNET. COMFY takes care of image building, image upload, generating ONE templates and cleaning up outdated base images. As part of the presentation, we will discuss challenges involved in

12. OpenNebula Automation with Puppet

Manual configuration of an automation system looks totally wrong. When using OpenNebula you need to setup the management node and the hosts. You need to configure many things like libvirt, user and ssh key and authorized_key file, installation and configuration of MySQL,

11. Low Resource Cloud Deployment, Mininube

For Fast Deployments Inside a Wider Cloud Infrastructure, Testing Purposes or the Sysadmin Home Servers. – Learn which way a startup or larger company could have a small-medium testing deployment before investing large amount of money or resources. – Learn how a

09. Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are 5 minute plenary presentations focusing on one key point. This can be a new project, product, feature, integration, experience, use case, collaboration invitation, quick tip, or demonstration. This session is an opportunity for ideas to get the attention they

07. OpenNebula, a Core Piece Inside Innovation Labs

Smartcities’, IoT, ‘Smartclouds’, …¿fuzzy words? Seems that cities/campus/neighbourhoods… should to evolve in a quick way where new technologies have a important role. Some visionary trends talk about technicities/technicampus/technineighbourhoods/…. interconnected places that could work together beyond the Smartcity paradigm. Actually, there is a

06. OpenNebula in the Wild

Where OpenNebula is typically used by system administrators to manage a data centers, SURFsara offers the OpenNebula interface directly to end users. SURFsara’s end users are researchers with diverse needs, and as such, offering custom solutions to all end users is impossible.

05. OpenNebula at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (shortly LRZ) is the IT service provider of the Bavarian Academy of Science and Humanities. LRZ decided to set up a cloud computing service for its institutional customers, such as the students and the researchers of the Munich

04. Cloud Computing R&D&C in Malaysia

Today’s leading enterprises must significantly increase data center agility to respond faster to dynamic business requirements. Operators have found that deploying a cloud platform in its simplest form is better when it comes to their data centers. They have found that deploying

03. Docker-Machine and OpenNebula

Introduction to OpenNebula’s integration with Docker-Machine, or how to run dockers in your Cloud without breaking a sweat. Open discussion about what the future awaits for Docker in OpenNebula.

02. Backing up your VM’s with Bacula

How to use Bacula and live snapshot’s capabilities on OpenNebula to make backups of your virtual machines and store them. Author Biography Automate all the things! I love using any tool to make things to work automagically.

01. Take the Next Storage Step – Ceph

On our way to transition our private cloud from small to larger scale, we @ Runtastic hit the limits of our classic enterprise storage infrastructure. The next step was quite obvious for us: Ceph. Author Biography Armin Deliomini works as linux /

17. What’s Going on in Xen

This talk will cover the latest Xen features that have been introduced in recent releases. This includes Xen on ARM, the new x86 PVH virtualization mode and many other exiting features. The talk will also contain tips about how to correctly setup