Contrail Virtual Execution Platform

The Contrail Virtual Execution Platform (VEP) allows Cloud administrators to manage data centers and monitor the usage of resources. Users can manage their distributed applications on IaaS Cloud providers under the control of Service Level Agreements (SLA). VEP applications are packaged in the standard OVF format and they are deployed inside Constrained Execution Environments (CEE) derived from the SLA, to support the specification of SLA contracts between users and providers.
These CEE environments allow to define constraints concerning virtual hardware performance, localization and affinity allowing the administrator to configure the monitoring system in order to feed external SLA enforcement services. VEP integrates elasticity management capabilities which can be controlled by external SLA enforcement services. A resource allocator service is integrated to dispatch the virtual components on the physical resources of the provider in accordance with the SLA terms.

The first version of VEP is currently implemented on OpenNebula. This talk presents the implementation of VEP on OpenNebula and discusses some implementation choices such as the resource allocator.