Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are 5 minute presentations focusing on one key point. This can be a new project, product, feature, integration, experience, use case, collaboration invitation, quick tip, or demonstration. This session is an opportunity for ideas to get the attention they deserve.

The rules for this session are easy: five minutes and only five minutes.

Five minutes is not very much time, but it is enough to make your main points. Use this time wisely to present the pertinent message of the subject matter without the need to cover the historical background, an analysis of the problem space or business case justifications. For a Lightning Talk, you don’t need to make slides, and if you do decide to make slides, you only need to make three.

Email including your biography, proposed title and short description of your talk to be considered. We will get back to you and work with you to ensure your topic is appropriate for OpenNebulaConf 2013.