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OpenNebula is the open-source platform of choice in the converged data centre, providing a simple, albeit flexible and powerful, cloud manager that supports traditional IT features and the dynamic provisioning of modern enterprise cloud. With thousands of deployments, OpenNebula has a very wide user base that includes leading companies in banking, technology, telecom and hosting, and research.

OpenNebula Conferences are education events that serve as a meeting point of cloud users, developers, administrators, integrators and researchers, featuring talks with experiences and use cases. They also include tutorials, lightning talks, and hacking sessions that provide an opportunity to discuss burning ideas, and meet face to face. Previous speakers include Santander Bank, CentOS, European Space Agency, Akamai, FermiLab, Puppet, Red Hat, BlackBerry, Telefonica, Akamai, Runtastic, Unity, Citrix…

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  • OpenNebula will be at FOSDEM February 3, 2021
    Later this week, as it was the case in the past, we’ll be participating at FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting! 🥳 This year is like no other, and the event is of course going to take place online, but we are sure that, as usual, it’s going to be absolutely fantastic and full of […]
  • Using OpenNebula + K3s to Deploy Multiplayer Game Servers on the Edge November 6, 2020
    On October 21, alongside AWS, Microsoft and ARM, our colleagues from Rancher Labs hosted the Computing at the Edge with Kubernetes conference. This virtual event, with more than 2,500 registrants and over 1,000 attendees, featured 24 presentations from preeminent K8s experts and practitioners and was designed to share best practices and insight on how to […]
  • Edge Computing World 2020 – Serverless Computing at the Edge October 26, 2020
    This year’s edition of Edge Computing World, held on October 12-15, has been a great success, bringing together more than 2000 attendees and over 100 speakers in total. Congratulations to Topio Networks for organizing an event that has brought together a unique collection of edge experiences and insights from across the market, including end user […]